Thursday, 5 January 2012

Today did not go to plan

Ach. What a day.  I had originally planned to head to the pool this evening, but even with a giant Janathon shaped boot up my arse, I just couldn't face the thought of it.  So instead I tried to do a home workout using the Nike Training Club app on my phone.  Disaster. I decided to try the Cardio Killer workout.  This was my first mistake.  It started off with alternate froggers.  I can only imagine that this was invented during the war to torture prisoners.  I only had to do a minute of them, but after 20 seconds I wanted to cry.  The situation was not helped by Murdoch happily trotting over to see what I was up to and getting underneath me while I was trying to "frogger".  I ordered him to his bed and moved onto the second exercise: 1 minute of burpees which I merrily perform for at least 10 seconds before Murdoch is moved to come over and investigate again. Gaaaaaaah. Next it's 30 seconds squat hold.  By this point my tragically unfit legs are already quaking from the frogger / burpee fiasco so the squat hurts after a few seconds. But I struggle on and move onto 30 seconds of squat jumps.  Murdoch thinks this is a super fun game and stares at me, wagging his tail hopefully. "Can I jump too?" No.  I can't do it anymore either so after THREE MINUTES I decide to give it up as a bad lot.  

The evening is further thwarted by the dog crate that I ordered for my new car.  My old dog guard did not fit into the boot of my new car, so Murdoch has been able to jump into the front of the car if he so chooses.  He's generally quite good at staying in the boot while I'm in the car, but if we need to stop off at the shop on the way back from a walk, I'll come back to the car to find him in the driver's seat.  Not great in this weather, I keep getting muddy paw prints on my nice upholstery.  I thought that buying the crate would be a simple matter.  I measured the dimensions of the boot, checked the dimensions listed for the crate and ordered it.  The boot dimensions haven't changed in the interim and the crate measurements are as described.  So why won't the crate fit in my boot?  It's because the slopey sides are not on the sides that I expected.  Buggrit.  Now have to return it and try again.  So anyway, given that I had an extended wrestle with the damn crate trying to get it into the car, I'm classing that as cross training, bunging in my 35 minute slippy slidey dog walk from this morning and calling it Janathon.  Feels like a bit of a cop out, but there you have it.  If I try to pull something like this again tomorrow, then please kick my butt for me.  Thanks.
You can't be cross with me because I'm so cute


  1. don't worry don't beat yourself up another new day to the new year tomorrow.........get outside for a run if you go round the block you have to get home again its more of an incentive ha ha only need 20 mins ten out turn around ten back .done!

  2. Here's to a better day tomorrow :-)

  3. The NTC is the devil's own workout! I did the one at Niketown, and thought the world was ending! Just giving it a go was a good effort. As I count the cycle to work as exercise, you can count the dog crate wrestling as a workout.