Monday, 2 January 2012


This morning I treated myself to a bit of a lie in and headed to Guildford at 9am for a pack walk with my dog walkers and some other folk.  We walked cross country for about 50 minutes - I was covered in mud by the time we got back to my car!  Unfortunately Murdoch didn't quite get back to my car.  He decided to jump into someone else's car and get his muddy paw prints over pretty much all of the inside of it.  Oops.  

On yesterday's blog @knittingpenguin asked if I'd be logging any dog-jogs for Janathon. Murdoch used to have aggression problems with other dogs, so I tend to keep him calm and level when we're out and about. So he doesn't get to run with me.  Thankfully he gets to scamper about with other dogs, so it's not all bad!

When I got home after the walk I put away my Christmas decorations. It's January 2012 and it feels like it's time to look forward.  Then I did a little housework followed by quite a bit of  dithering.  My heel was feeling a little achy - I've run on it for the past two days and I'm right at the very beginning of my comeback from injury.  The question is, was this the reason that I didn't want to go for a run, or was I just being incredibly lazy?  I have lacked motivation before and we all know how easy it is to make excuses not to get out there.  But in the end I decided not to push it and go for a swim instead of the 20 minute run that I had planned.  So I headed to the pool and did 1,500 metres in 30 minutes for a big tick in the Janathon box for today.

I have a treadmill run planned for tomorrow but will wait and see what my heel is doing.  Might be some cross training instead.


  1. 1500m is great. I can just about manage 4 lengths before I'm knackered.

  2. Going for a swim is v impressive, & very sensible to look after your heel. Happy Janathon! x

  3. Flippin' heck girl, you say you're not fit! more than I can do, give yourself a break. Happy New year x