Tuesday, 3 January 2012

To the Gym!

It was my first day back at work today. Boo. And what a day.  I got up this morning to walk Murdoch at 6.30am and it was blowing a hoolie out there.  Cross country dog walking in the dark is challenging at the best of times, but when it's really windy the dogs get overexcited by all the smells gusting past their noses and go a bit mental. Also, I get nervous every time I hear a creaking branch ("it's going to fall on my head") or the dogs crashing through the fallen branches ("DUCK AND COVER!"). Yikes. We got home without incident and I headed to the office.  January is our busiest month of the year; in addition to our usual monthly reports, we also have quarterly, six monthly and annual reports to deliver so I had a lot to get done today.  No easing in gently after the festive break.  I still managed to get home at lunchtime to let Murdoch out.  As ever, he was really pleased to see me and very disappointed when I had to leave to go back to work.  At least he has his toys and a bone to keep him company while I toil away to keep him in doggy biscuits.

*Gollum face*

After leaving work for the day I headed to the gym.  My heel is still a little tender and I think that running two days in a row may have been a little optimistic right at the beginning of my comeback and I'll need to be a little more cautious in the future.  So I decided to get on the cross trainer.  Unfortunately it's January and there were considerably more people in the gym than usual.  All the cross trainers were taken.  Aaaaaw nuts. So I get on the summit trainer.  There is a reason that no-one wanted to go on this machine. It is the devil.  I managed 10 minutes on it before I collapsed onto a regular cross trainer that had become available. So in total I did 25 minutes of cross training and then headed home for dinner.


  1. Glad you survived the windy dog walk. It's been pretty scary here today. Lots of roads closed due to fallen trees. Well done for doing 25min of cross training. I collapse after about ten!

  2. You're great for heading to the summit trainer, if the cross trainers are busy (usually with gossiping old ladies grr) then I just head for the bike, it's easier.