Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Janathon the last

Goodness me. It's the last day of January - where did that month go?  It's been the usual whirl of madness at work and with the benefit of hindsight, combining that with my original Janathon goal of doing above and beyond my dog walk each day was wildly optimistic.  But for me, the whole point of taking part was to increase my activity levels and by jingo, have I achieved that.  There were runs and gym trips this past month that I simply wouldn't have done if it weren't for a little Janathon whispering in my ear.  I've also revived my blog a bit, which is great and something that I hope to keep up with, so please do keep reading and if you like it, why not tell your friends :)

The one thing I haven't kept up with at all is logging my activity on Running Free.  I just checked and I last did it on the 18th.  Oops. Even worse, I can't remember what I've done since then, so I've totally blown it there. Ho hum.

But here as a grand finale, is my exercise for today. No prizes for guessing that it was a dog walk with Murdoch. It was chuffing freezing out there today and I was glad that I'd chosen a ski jacket as my new dog walking coat when I went shopping at the weekend. My old coat had a giant rip under one arm where I'd caught it on a door handle. I'm so clumsy sometimes. So that's Janathon done. Over and out!

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