Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Things that have made me feel stabby this week

In the usual run of things, I quite enjoy my job.  Not in a skipping out of bed each morning would still do it if I won the lottery kind of way. But certainly in a quietly satisfied and it pays the mortgage sort of way. This month is our busiest month of the year. Stress levels are running high enough with the massively increased workload and then something that usually wouldn't bother you in the slightest makes you feel a little bit stabby. 

In a small nod to anonimity, let's pretend that I work behind the counter at McDonald's.  I don't and never have, although I am rather fond of a Quarter Pounder with Cheese Meal (large with a diet coke please).

Scenario One: In which no-one listens to me.

Me (to various colleagues): "You're making that burger without cheese. I think the customer may have ordered cheese on their burger"
Me (sometime later): "I'm pretty sure that your guy over there wanted cheese on that".
Me (via email): "I'm a little bit concerned that our customer ordered a cheeseburger, but we are currently only working towards a hamburger. I think that at this stage we should make it clear to the customer that he is only getting a hamburger".
Colleague: "I served the customer his burger and it turns out that he wants cheese on it, so we're going to have to add some onto it"
Me: *bangs head slowly and repeatedly against desk*

Scenario Two: In which someone tells me something that I just told them.

Me: "Here's your Big Mac, I haven't had time to do the fries just yet and I know that your friend asked for a milkshake.  I'll get those over to you as soon as possible"
Colleague: "Thanks for the Big Mac, but you still need to provide the fries and the milkshake that my friend asked for".
Me: *hides under desk and softly starts to weep*

Scenario Three: In which instructions couldn't be clearer, but someone manages to cock it up anyway.

Me: "So you make the McFlurry by grabbing a container, putting it under the nozzle and pressing this button. Always add caramel, but only add sprinkles if the order specifically mentions sprinkles".
Colleague: *puts sprinkles on everything and sometimes also some Smarties just for fun*
Me: Ngngnggngngnggggngnggghhhhh *stabs self in eye with pencil*

Is this just me? Do you recognise any of these scenarios? Do you have some of your own to add?  Feel free to share!

In Janathon news, I ran 3 miles this morning.  I was only aiming for 2, but then my cunning Nike+ app asked me if I wanted one more song. I thought "Why the hell not?".  It was a song I love to run to. So I ran to it.  It was followed by another song I love to run to. So guess what I did?  This is my longest run since I injured myself and I even tried a cheeky little bit of running on tarmac to see what would happen. And it's all good. Huzzah!

Scenario Four: In which I'm not told something that I do actually need to know

Me: "So I gave all of those ketchup sachets to Bob so that he could give them to customers with their fries"
Colleague: "Oh no, we're waiting to hear whether those sachets are ok to distribute, you shouldn't have given them to Bob".
Me: *crams fist into mouth to stop scream from coming out*


  1. Enjoyed the blog!

  2. Loved this blog, signed up to loads at the beginning of Janathon, but yours has held my interest. Great run, wish I EVER felt like running further than I had!

    1. What a lovely thing to hear - thank you!

      After not being able to run for nearly six months last year, it's really nice to feel as though I could run a little further than expected - not a usual occurrence!

  3. Great post. Sounds like you had a great run this morning. :-)

  4. Oh that Nike app is good, right. Although, if I'm not in the right mood, the lady can annoy me a bit. Glad she had a good effect on you this monring.
    As for work, I think we work in parallel work environments. Usually all is good, but this week all is making everyone a bit stabby.

    1. I have made it so that the Nike+ lady doesn't talk to me. She can shush up :)

      I think the entire world is a little bit stabby this week. Bad times, but I'm sure it'll be better next week!