Thursday, 14 July 2011

Better late than never...

Well clearly this post should have gone live on Tuesday directly after my weigh in, but it's been quite a busy week.  Yesterday was Haslemere Border AC's annual race - the Gibbet Hill 10k.  It's quite an epic course, about 6k of steady uphill, followed by a nice freewheel down to the finish.  Here is a picture of our finishers t-shirt (first year we've ever had them - usually just a medal).  I'm posting it firstly because it looks awesome, and secondly because the logo is actually a representation of the course elevation profile.  We'll be there same time next year if you fancy your chances!

So yesterday was crazy busy, marking out the course, sending last minute instructions out to the marshalls, setting up the finish area, dealing with a couple of minor issues during the course of the race.  Phew, was so relieved when it was over.  It was a brilliant event, we had so many positive comments about our marshalls, the medals, t-shirts - not to mention the free cake that we gave out at the end!

Enough of that, I guess the big question is, how did I get on with the weign in on Tuesday.  Oh dear.  Sorry to tell that I put a pound back on.  Oops.  I could make a million excuses, but what it boils down to is that I haven't yet learned not to stuff my face when I'm feeling stressed.  Anyway, sticking with the positives - I'm still down on where I started from and this week has been great - I've hit my calorie targets and have got some great exercise in, so expect to see a loss next Tuesday morning.


  1. People sometimes forget the organisers and the marshalls so a big well done to you. A pound is nothing. I lost using a plan and points. It suits my mind because I think numbers and that's what the diet because, just numbers not food. All the best to you, great blog.

  2. Hiya. Remember you are in it for the long term, I am sure we all have a wobbly weight over a short time period, but it's the net effect over a longer time that's the result. Well marshalled.

  3. So pleased to hear that the 10K race went well. T tshirt is fabby. A pound is neither here or there - you can gain it in one day if you are retaining fluid for example. As long as overall you are going in the right direction (eg over a month) then no worries.