Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Admitting defeat

Early morning Guildford skyline
Sometimes in life, you just have to admit defeat.  I'm in that place at the moment.  I have to admit that I've managed an epic fail on the Juneathon front, I haven't blogged for the last week and only just caught up with over two week's worth of activity logging on RunFree.  Which is an astonishingly hateful task if you don't do it as you go along.  I seem to have done a reasonable amount of exercise (totals below) but I've not done so well on the community front.  I've read blogs and commented on a few, but really I don't feel as though I've really been involved, which is probably reflected by the fact that for the most part, Juneathon participants haven't commented on mine, which have been (at best) sporadic.

I'm also admitting defeat on some other fronts too.  I've come to the realisation that you can't make people like you.  You just can't.  Not everyone on this planet is going to like you.  Sometimes, you're put in a situation where it's difficult for people to like you.  Sometimes your actions contribute to that situation and do not improve it.  But it is what it is.  And I'm finding it important to remember that I have lots of amazing friends who do like me.  So I should probably stop worrying about the people that don't.  It saps what little confidence that I have and makes me retreat into my introspective depression shell to hide, which isn't helpful to anyone, least of all me. 

Anyway, that's about all I have to say for myself for now.  I doff my cap to people like Lesley who has found something interesting say every single day this month and also to everyone who took part in the Longest Day Run event at the weekend - I logged 4 miles, which may not seem like much, but is the longest that I have managed to run this year on my injury comeback trail (yaaay!) 

Juneathon totals for the month so far:
Running: 23.3 miles
Walking: 109.8 miles
Swimming: 1k
Pilates: 4hrs
Bootcamp: 1hr


  1. Yikes, we do clock up a lot of miles dog walking!

    You really shouldn't see this as a fail. Blogging takes time, and if you've got work and friends and Murdoch, well, we all understand.

    Lesley x.

    1. Oh I know, but the blogging / community aspect of Juneathon is kind of the whole point of it and I haven't really done it. Ho hum - there's always next year :)

  2. I agree with Lesley - most definitely NOT a fail. I am so glad to have met you - you really embiggen my life xxxx

    1. Thanks Steph - I'm so glad that I met you too :)


  3. Oh sweetheart! Don't be so down. Your blog made me feel quite sad. I've commented on a few blogs here and there but it's a challenge in itself to try and say something to everyone. Somtimes I forget who I've been in touch with.

    It's nice to find someone kinda local to me. I'm Farnham based :)

    1. Oh hello there! Your comment sums up exactly what I mean when I say that I've failed on the community aspect of Juneathon - I wouldn't expect people to come and read me / comment when I've been so bad about reading / commenting on anyone else's blog! I just haven't made enough effort on that side of it. There's always next year :)

  4. what a lovely little blog....lovely dog too. You sound as though you have done a great deal more exercise than me #verypleasantlyplump :-)