Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Juneathon Bootcamp

Another lovely day away from the office and this morning I had booked myself into a bootcamp session at Charterhouse Club.

So after taking Murdoch for the first walk of the morning at the Dog House and leaving him there for lots of dog walking and fun, I headed home, got myself ready and headed out to the class.  I was greeted by a friendly blonde woman who seemed very nice.  Until she yelled at us to run down to the track where we'd be doing the session.  Cripes.  I'm joking, she was actually lovely and encouraging, which was helpful as I found the session really tough.  Even aside from the persistent feeling that I might be sick at any moment (I'm not kidding.  Burpees, jump squats, spiderman thingies, press ups etc etc etc) the fast pace of the class was the direct opposite of Pilates, where you're encouraged to move slowly with a focus on position and form.  Here, there seemed little focus on form, rather on getting as much done as quickly as possible, so it was a real change of pace.

But overall I really enjoyed the class, my heart rate was up the entire time and it's something that I'll definitely do again.

So that's my Juneathon for the day.

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  1. Sorry it hurt at bootcamp, but thanks for the link to the Dog House - looks great :)