Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The Start

Soooooo. I weighed myself this morning and tipped the scales at 13st 1 1/4lb (yes, my scales measure quarter pounds - may use them to weigh a burger at some point). While this is not good, it's important to know where I'm starting from and from here the only way is DOWN.

So here's how it's going to work.  I'm going to weigh myself every Tuesday morning and will record the results here. I'm not going to provide exhaustive lists of everything that I've eaten.  That shit gets boring reeeeeaaal quick.  That said, I will at least initially note down my food - you'll soon see that I eat about the same five things over and over again, anyone else do that? :)

I have an app on my phone that I'll use to log my food - I've decided to take a simple calories in / calories out approach - no forbidden foods, no food groups excluded.  I want this to be simple and most importantly sustainable long term.  I also need to increase my activity levels - despite general perceptions I don't actually spend all of my time running / swimming / single handedly saving the rainforest.

In addition to the weekly weigh in, I'm going to measure myself when I get home this evening (as suggested by Tina) and will update these metrics monthly, so hopefully I should see some progress there even if the pounds aren't coming off as quickly as I'd like.

Which brings me neatly to my goals.  I'm not yet at a place where I know what success looks like - how I will know when I'm finished.  I don't know what my final goal weight should be, other than I have a vague hankering to be a size ten.  I don't know if that is possible (have you seen my hips?!).  So for now, I'm going to set an initial goal of getting down to 12 stone, which I hope to achieve by losing a fairly steady 2lb a week.

Finally I want to thank everyone that took a moment to comment here or on my Facebook or sent me a message.  The outpouring of solidarity and support literally reduced me to tears last night. It's great to have you on board and hopefully we can inspire each other towards our goals (whatever they may be!) along the way.

All comments are welcome and gratefully received.


  1. Good positive blog I do hope you reach ypur goal. Your not the only who thinks they need to lose a few pounds. Goodluck.
    Mick x

  2. Nice start. I'm not a fan of measuring weight alone, so the measurements thing is a good idea.
    I personally use the 'mirror diet'. Stand naked facing a full length mirror. Like what I see? No? - keep going. I am not sure if that is a helpful suggestion for other people, but it motivates me. However, memories are poor so maybe comparing photos is better (not naked - I am not that wierd).

    Good luck and be patient.

  3. Good luck Amy! I have plenty of tasty but calorie conscious recipes on my blog if you fancy taking a look! blog.sportsspecialist.co.uk

    Some professional advice - weigh yourself every 2 weeks. Weekly weigh-ins often throw in strange and unrewarding results.