Monday, 27 June 2011

I'm fat and I want to talk about it.

My last post sparked quite the conversation on Facebook. It is clear that people don't want to risk offending or upsetting their fat friends. It is also clear that there is no such reticence when commenting on the weight of slim people.  It's perfectly ok to comment that someone is too skinny, but if a fat person so much as mentions their weight, it's a cause for panic. Our society is effed up.

Anyway, there is an unexpected side effect to my last post.  I can't believe that I was so clueless that I didn't notice that I was pinning my colours to the mast.  That I was (in a public forum) stating that I am fat and I want to talk about it. So I've been called on it. And have been offered support which I'm going to take.  Starting from tomorrow I'm going to use this blog to chart my progress from fatty to slinky hot babe.  I'm going to weigh myself tomorrow morning and will post that weight here as well as more details of what my goals are and how I plan to achieve them.

I'm not going to post every blog entry on Facebook, so if you want to follow my journey and support me, then I suggest that you follow me here on my blog. There's a button on the right of the page somewhere.

Tonight I'm drawing a line in the sand. It's a start line and tomorrow morning I cross it and start the race. Hope to have you on board for the trip.


  1. I've packed my pumps and PE knickers and I will join you on the trip. My trip is to investigate more about Aspartame and try to cut it out.

  2. Good for you! First tip. Only weight yourself once a month. If you weigh yourself too often what with hormones, water retention and daily fluctuations you will get disheartened. And the scales are not the be all and end all. I haven't lost any weight for two months but my trousers are definately too big now so obviously my body shape is still changing. With you all the way!

  3. PS can you change the font of the comments? They are really hard to read.

  4. wishing you all the love and luck in the world, from one fatty to another! I'll be here with all the help and support i can offer. Loads of love jimbo

  5. jim again, i agree with tina, take your measurements too. Thighs, waist chest and arms?x