Thursday, 21 March 2013

Quiet Panic

Hey everyone.

I just realised that I have just over three weeks until I run the Brighton Marathon.  I got an email with my race number through today *gulp*.  Hahahaaa.  I'm sure I'll be just fine *gulp*

My main source of panic at the moment is that I kinda forgot that I have a minimum fundraising amount for this one.  I have to raise £400 for Canine Partners, who are a fantastic charity.  You guys know where this is going.


That's right.  I'm at the point of shameless begging.

There are options here.

1.  You can just sponsor me.  Dig deep, you wonderful, generous people and give whatever you can.

2.  You can sponsor my playlist.  I did this last time and got SHAFTED with some unutterable music, so I'm putting a clear pricing structure in place.  Here's how it's going to work.

  • For a mere £5, you can pick a song to go onto my playlist and I will listen to it and think of you and your wonderful generosity while I run 26.2 miles around Brighton on the 14th April.
  • If you donate £10, you can pick three songs.  Woo hoo!

Minor exceptions

Some artists come with a higher price tag, as follows:

  • A minimum donation of £15 for anything by Justin Bieber 
  • A minimum of £20 for anything by Celine Dion, Mariah Carey or anything Michael Jackson did after the Bad album.  

Major exception

If any unkind individual wants me to listen to Earth Song by Michael Jackson, they must sponsor me £50.  That song makes me want to go on a mad axe rampage and if I'm going to listen to it during a marathon, then I want the BIG BUCKS.

I do already have songs ready to go on my playlist, some of them you may recognise from the last time I did this.  That's right.  I'm going to show you all my highly embarrassing marathon playlist.  It's pretty bad.  

Yep. My musical taste pretty much stopped growing in 1987
Most of the songs are on there because they make me feel cheerful, or make me laugh even when I'm feeling pretty low.  Feel free to laugh at me, or express your displeasure in the comments section below.  But even more importantly, sponsor me HERE! and make sure that you let me know which song(s) you want me to add, either on my Justgiving page, here on the blog, or via Facebook or Twitter.  Thanks in advance, you're all wonderful.

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