Monday, 19 October 2009


Murdoch has finally made the link in his furry little brain between Marmite on toast (one of his favourites) and the large glass jar left on the kitchen counter.
This leap of intuition was accompanied by a leap of effort and the subsequent gain of the Marmite jar. I got home from running training to find Murdoch sitting in his bed with his guilty look on his face, and a Marmite jar with a severely chewed lid on the sofa.
Determined not to let the hound get away with such thievery I grabbed the jar and put it in his face, stating firmly; “Naughty. NAUGHTY”. Chastisement works better if you are able to keep a straight face while chastising. Tragically I was unable to do so, as the hound managed to completely undermine me. Not his fault bless him, he was desperately trying to keep his end of the bargain by looking all sad and guilty, but his nose let him down . He just couldn’t help sniffing at the jar of deliciousness that I was waving under his nose.....

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