Monday, 28 May 2012

Such Glorious Weather!

I'm sure we're all feeling very patriotic with the Jubilee weekend now in sight, and what could be more British than a good old fashioned chat about the weather?  Hasn't it been wonderful?  It makes such a difference to walk Murdoch in the sunshine rather than trudging through the drizzle.  The fields are changing yet again as we start to see neat little rows of corn starting to sprout up.  It's funny to think that before we know it, those plants will be as high as an elephant's eye!
Sunny Sunday morning

Murdoch knows how to keep cool - hippo style!

It is important to keep an eye on your dog in this kind of weather though - I only walk Murdoch first thing in the morning and then later in the evening to avoid him from overheating and blowing a gasket! Also to remind everyone that leaving your dog in the car isn't very clever, check out why here (thanks to @Puppy_Views for that information).  I have to say that I was shocked at how quickly the temperature rose.

My beautiful Katty McMurray print

I didn't appreciate the weather quite so much in Brighton on Saturday (I'm so ungrateful!).  I had found a print that I wanted to buy and the artist had given me the option of her sending it to me, or me coming to collect it from the gallery in Brighton.  Given that the postage for a framed print was comparable to cost of a rail ticket, I thought I'd treat myself to a day out on the coast and so arranged to collect from the gallery.  In the meantime, the sun came out and as a result, the world and their wife were in Brighton on Saturday.  I don't blame them in the slightest, Brighton is beautiful in the sunshine and I could have happily spent all day wandering about if it weren't for the huge crowds.  But I tend to get a little claustrophobic in the heat, so I didn't spend the entire day there, instead opting to head home early afternoon.  But I now have my lovely print - just need to pop a nail in the wall to hang it on.

I hope you've all been out and about enjoying the weather as much as we have.


  1. What a lovely sunny post. I know what you mean about being in Brighton on a sunny day - too hot to move!

    Juneathon looks like quite a challenge :-)

    Stay cool, Murdoch x.

  2. Hi Amy, so nice to have some sun now isn't it?

    Murdoch looks very happy to me, muddy and cool lol

    @Puppy_Views asked me to thank you for the link to his "Don't Cook Your Dog Post" as he was charging round the house with his stuffed cat, because he was so happy to see it.

    Missed you at Stitch n Bitch on Monday, love your pictures by the way.

    D xxx