Sunday, 15 November 2009

Mortal Enemies

The hound is not the most liberal of creatures.  He knows what he likes and he has even stronger opinions on what he hates.  The list is quite long and includes all other dogs, birds, cats, clothes airers, bits of paper that fall off the table, the man that delivers the newspaper and the postman.

On our recent holiday to Scotland we added another to the list.  We were happily walking out towards the loch for a nice walk (after yet more rain - thought we were going to get washed away for most of the week) when Murdoch made the fateful decision to walk on the other side of a wheelie bin to me.  The lead went taut and of course knocked the bin over.  This scared the jeebers out of Murdoch (the hound is scared of PAPER falling for chrissakes).  He tried to run away but unfortunately the lead had got entangled in the wheel and the more he ran, the more the bin "chased" him.  I was torn between concern, hysterical laughter and physical pain as the bin whacked me in the shins each time Murdoch ran past me.  Eventually managed to get the lead untangled, but was unable to get Murdoch near the bin again for the remainder of the holiday.  Bless him - he really is a dog of little brain.

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  1. How funny. My girl dog is afraid of everything. She really hates statues so walking in DC is a nightmare.